Discover new rituals in personal care with DuPont at In-Cosmetics Global 2017

Interested in the natural active ingredients and the latest Korean skin care trends? Stop by booth AA40 at In-Cosmetics Global 2017 in London, where we’ll demonstrate how we’re reinventing traditional skin care rituals with the latest natural active ingredients, helping consumers take better care of their skin – from the inside out.

Ritual O2H2O2

Sensory Bar 2017: Ritual 02H20

Experience an energizing new ritual for skin care. Featuring GENENCARE® OSMS MI, an osmolyte which improves skin cells water balance and metabolism (energy & oxygen consumption) with measurable clinical benefits on skin health. These new formulations demonstrate how we’re reinventing traditional skin care rituals based on the latest K-Beauty trends. A harmonious blend of tradition and technology, perfectly suited for today’s consumer to care their skin — and reveal its natural beauty.

DuPont Wellness Lounge

Refresh + Re-energize

We all know that a busy day at in-cosmetics can be both mentally and physically exhausting! That’s why for the last hour of each day of the show, we will transform our booth into a relaxing “wellness lounge”. Enjoy healthy refreshments based on the latest super-food trends, while experiencing first-hand the innovative new formulations from our Sensory Bar in a soothing, relaxed setting.

Piera Pericu

Innovation Seminar
Myo-inositol: To osmoprotection and beyond
Thursday, 6 April | 13.10 hrs | Theatre 3
Piera Pericu | see bio
Product Manager, Personal Care | DuPont Industrial Biosciences

DuPont develops personal care actives that make consumers feel and look better. Our skin is our first line of defense to external influences. Nature has designed our skin to adjust to external stress by maintaining the water balance within skin cells. Small molecules called “osmolytes” play an active role in this water regulation, creating osmotic balance.

GENENCARE® OSMS - From Nature to Nurture™

When the skin is stressed by external aggressions like heat or UV radiation, the cells' water balance is disturbed. Osmolytes are nature's key to locking in vital moisture, controlling the balance within cells by attracting and holding onto water. We have harnessed this hidden power to create GENENCARE® OSMS, a line of naturally-sourced osmolytes for personal care applications that help protect the skin from these external factors and strengthen the skin barrier for more moisturized skin.

GENENCARE® OSMS MI: Osmoprotection...and beyond

Our latest product - a highly purified myo-inositol - is more than a strong osmoprotectant and moisturizer. This natural active ingredient is involved in many cell biological processes, as a precursor of important messenger molecules. It is known to increase cell oxygen and energy metabolism which translates into a clinically proven better skin tonicity. Stop by our booth to speak to our experts, and see the latest in-vitro and in-vivo study results.

in-cosmetics global
K-Beauty Moves West

Asian skin care trends continue to drive innovation in ingredients and textures, and influence “new rituals” in the West.

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