Discover the Feeling

Developed in part from renewably sourced plant materials, every Sorona® fiber is designed to make yarn feel softer and work harder, changing what’s possible with textiles. From a beautifully vibrant and durable carpet to exceptionally soft and flexible yoga wear, Sorona® can make any textile
look good, feel good and do good.

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Wear the Difference


Imagine a piece of fabric that moves with your body, dries quickly, has exceptional softness and retains its shape with wear. It’s a material that truly makes you feel good. With Sorona® fibers, it can be anything from jeans to performance apparel, and everything in between.

in Quality


A Sorona® carpet can stand up to the hustle of everyday foot traffic, and it can be admired for its softness and rich color for years to come. Sorona® fibers can be used in endless carpet design possibilities. And with stain resistance built right into the fiber, it will always look as good as it feels.


Sorona® feels good to wear and to work with because it comes, in part, from a natural plant-based source. Its production uses 40% less energy and releases 56% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than that of Nylon 6,6. From polymer production all the way to efficient consumer care, Sorona® makes people feel good by doing good, too.

to End

The impact of Sorona® is woven into every step of the textile manufacturing process. It begins with the first innovative yarn spun and continues with mills that can confidently offer their best material to brand partners. And when it makes its way to retailers, it helps them deliver the eco-conscious, high-performance product that consumers have come to expect.